Our Ventures

Whistle Drive
WhistleDrive provides technology-enabled fleet services for corporates and operates 700+ fleet across 3 cities.

Atsuya Technologies
Custom built sensors, cloud platform and analytics to allow clients across industry to monitor their refrigeration assets on a real-time basis and leverage data for value-added business insights, cost reduction and preventive maintenance.

Bank Chain Asset
A global asset – payment and management platform powered by Blockchain, OTA, IoT, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Secure, mobile-first collaborative engagement platform that leverages technologies such as blockchain.

AI On The Fly
AIOTF is a next generation SaaS based Product Platform that embeds and enriches AI to existing or new ecosystems, and integrate with Apps to enable deployment of AI driven Products.

Crowd Designs
Online platform for crowd-sourcing of custom-designed T-shirts.

Developing Chat BOT based digital recruitment and Learning solution; It is a one stop jobs and skills platform which is chat bot based recruitment support for corporates & customised industry ready learning modules for candidates.

P-store, provides an e-marketplace for wholesalers and retailers to participate with manufacturers at a common place whereby they can interact without the hassle of involving an agent

Smart Factories driven by the power or AI,ML and Analytics.

Edu 2020
Edu2020 is an Online Platform helping students to register themselves in simple four click for Intellectual Industrial Visit.

I Support Farming
ISF is a full stack farm aggregator company with a vision of increasing production, productivity, market access and better price realization through technology.

Newt Electric mobility private limited
NEWT is building a sustainable multi-functionality scooters platform; NEWT is a purpose built multi- functionality scooter for MaaP With Newt smart mobility

Prime Career Paths Private Limited ( WOC )

Career Counselling and awareness Platform targeting school children. It is an platform with knowledge and awareness videos on 180+ different career options.

Adi&Adi Holdings

Embedded software helps in Identifying Drunken Driving and helps Women and Children in their Safety & Protection through signals

Finpreneurs Consulting
Finpreneurs Consulting LLP is a financial consulting firm specialising in financial partnering and management Decision-making for Startups and Small and Mid-Sized Businesses by offering bespoke advisory Services.

Xfinito Biodesigns Private Limited
Xfinito Biodesigns is a technology start-up focussing on the development of intelligent connected systems for providing affordable and accessible healthcare. Our focus is on the design and development of various connected and intelligent decision support healthcare systems.

Athlexa Online Services Pvt Ltd
Athlexa provides technology solutions to traditional fitness centres as well as individual trainers and helps them efficiently promote their offerings to fitness enthusiasts through Athlexa app, website and smart-tv platforms

Vikita Naturals

Organic farm products

Vanghee offers a convenient API interface to perform Banking transactions and other banking related activities. Digital Cheque Based post payment solution for Small and Medium enterprises

Project BIG
Robotic Process Automation – The potential to automate entire workflows and effect significant cost reduction in businesses by eliminating parts of the work force involved in repetitive processes.

Trabulu (Travel Free)
A mobile application that lets to trade your unused luggage space with someone who has exceed theirs

Re-Hydratable Soap & Water Hand Wash Tablet

Our mission is to empower rural students in India by improving their English communication skills and trained them with emerging technology.

Saround provides vendors the opportunity to collect and retrieve customers data through a mobile application with the help of bar code technology. Customers will know real-time data of the crowd anticipated at vendors venue at any given time of the day. Customers can use Geo-location to fetch data of businesses around their vicinity.